This post could fit on either of my blogs. The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA is a great place to visit for inspiration for any type of artist. He was fearless in what he’d do as an artist. Since the Biker Chef and I visited the museum while on a trip together, I’ll post about it here. Also, I used Play off the Page today to share some good news and a fun event.

Mary Aalgaard at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA

The take-away quote for me from the trip is one that I saw on the walls of the Andy Warhol Museum on the floor where they had his magazine The Interview.

“We started the magazine The Interview so we could get invitations to all the premieres.”

I think this is great because that is what Play off the Page, and my other blogs, are doing for me (us). I’ve been invited to view and review many professional productions at theatres in Minneapolis/St. Paul, as well as places of interest, like the Children’s Museum, and been invited to attend special events. I especially like going to the ones that promote the arts.

Making a purchase the the gift shop of the Andy Warhol Museum.

I picked up an idea journal at the gift shop. On the back is another great quote from the man who made the Campbell’s Soup can famous, “You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.”

Mary Aalgaard in front of a collage of Andy Warhol images.
The Biker Chef and the purple cow.
Perhaps he’s thinking, mmm, filets or ribeye with mushroom sauce.
I’m thinking of the poem:
I never saw a purple cow,
I never hope to see one.
But, I can tell you here and now,
I’d rather see, than be one!
I love this shot from the museum.
I think I’ve been inspired by Andy Warhol for years, but didn’t even know it. I find photos of the ordinary to be extra-ordinary. I enjoy capturing regular people doing normal, every day things. So, with a nod to the genius of making art out of often overlooked moments, I give you…
My sandwich from Primanti Bros.
The streets of Pittsburgh.
I especially like the green light, signaling “Go.”
And, the time and temp. gauge on my Subaru.
It was considerably warmer in Pittsburgh than it’s been in Brainerd, MN!
Picture-worthy in my book.
Speaking of books, we used my idea journal to write down ideas for the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge. We’ll be using that month to launch a new blog, Dine off the Page, with Chef’s tips, recipes, and restaurant reviews.