Quote of the Day:  Advent: the coming or arrival of something extremely important. I decided to join the Advent Photo A Day Project. I like the photo challenge, and the word challenge. 

Dec. 1 is Go. I felt I already had “GO” down. It’s part of my signature, after all. Go. Create. Inspire! And, GO, I did this past weekend with a show at the Guthrie on Friday night (see my review of Born Yesterday), and a trip back to the metro on Saturday for the Brainerd Warriors football championship game. They lost to Owatonna, a great team. And, I feel like I’m ready to GO, jump on the bus of life, and experience many things.

Photo for Dec. 1, GO!
We went to “Born Yesterday.”
December second’s word is “Bound.” Hmm. It’s a strange word. When you look at the definitions, one says to leap or move forward. Another definition is to be tied up and restricted. You can be out of bounds in a sport, or life. You can also bound up the stairs. You can be bound by the norms of society, or bound into a new adventure. Weird. I’m bound and determined to write a new play. So, how do you take a picture of that? Joy and I have a great slogan for our Primo Art Spa, In a world of creative constipation, we’re here to get things moving. You can be bound up by the cheese of life. Ha!  I’m bound to get things moving in my creative life. I’ll start by playing the piano. My new play is called Grace Notes: Piano Bench Confessions. That’s bound to cause some dialogue.

Advent Photo #2 Bound.
I hope the strings on my piano are bound tight!
I’m bound to get the creative energy flowing when I sit down to play, or teach.

I also want to mention that I’m thankful for Thanksgiving and all the people who came to my house, and the ones who had other plans, and especially for the Biker Chef who cooked the most delicious meal.

It was a double Weber Thanksgiving, with pork shoulder on the right, and turkey on the left.
Biker Chef and the bird.
Mr. Happy, at the center of attention, as usual.
Full plates
Full house
Full tummies
Full of fun
Full of ideas for Christmas
Full of Love
Full of Gratitude
Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt:  What are you thankful for?