Quote of the Day:  Be bold, free, and truthful. Brenda Ueland

And, the truth shall set you free. from John 8:32 (King James)

Then you will experience for yourselves the truth, and the truth will free you. (The Message)

Little birds flit about the pool,
 snatching a bit of food or a sip from your drink, 
then fly away, unrestricted by gravity, 

I was searching for an image for Free, the word for the Advent Photo A Day Project. Birds are a natural symbol of being free. I thought of broken chains, untied knots, open gates. The above photo captures much of this. We were on a winter get-away to Cabo San Lucas last February. We felt free from the daily responsibilities and jobs. We felt free from time restrictions. Who needs to watch the clock on vacation? We felt free to just be and spend time together.

The women I interviewed for my latest Her Voice article said that being able to have a public wedding, to be recognized as spouses, and to be affirmed in who they are helped them feel free. They no longer had to hide who they really are and whom they love. 

We can feel free after finishing our college degrees, graduating, moving out of the house. We feel free when we pay off debt. We are often bound by the norms and expectations of society. Bound was the word for Dec. 2nd. When we’re bold and truthful, we are free to truly be ourselves and live an authentic life.

I felt free when I signed the documents that read “to dissolve the bonds of marriage.” 

Do you ever feel free when you do something a little bit different from everyone else?

My friend JeMA and her husband sold their house, gave away or stored most of their possessions, bought an RV and hit the road. That was two years ago. Her word for the year was free!

I feel free when I allow myself to Play off the Page in music, writing, and in life.

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt:  What has kept you bound? When do you feel free? How would you illustrate the word free?