Quote of the Day:  The secret to humor is surprise. Aristotle

Words of wisdom, Aristotle. When I read that, I nodded, Yes! My kids think it’s hilarious to catch me off guard, when I’m doing something noisy and mundane like drying my hair. They walk into the bathroom, and just as I turn off the dryer, they say, “Hi, Mom!” I shriek. The boys laughs. I check my blood pressure, and we all relive the moment doubled over with laughter.

That’s what it’s like to watch the comedy on stage at The Children’s Theatre. We were invited to a sneak peak and behind-the-scenes tour of Cinderella (playing at CTC through Jan. 5, 2014) where we were treated to rehearsal of the clogging scene and the breakfast scene.

The clogging competition happens during the family party.

The boys and girls are trying to out-clog each other.

Then, Josephine steals the show as she kicks up her heals.

I noticed the technician checking the dancers’ shoes.

The Director, Peter Brosius, pointed out that they had tiny microphones taped to the shoes so the audience could better hear the tapping.

It was fun to sit up front at be allowed to capture their facial expressions with my camera.

From the word, “Go,” they were in character.

Victor Zupanc, music director extraordinaire, popped his head out of the pit.

Traci Allen as Cinderella, Dean Holt as Pearl, Autumn Ness as the Wicked Stepmother, and Reed Sigmund as Dorcas, four of the five company members at CTC. Gerald Drake is the fifth member of the company. He’s been with The Children’s theatre for 43 years. Traci Allen just came on board this year. Although we saw her in Lizzie Bright, Spring of 2012. The comedic play between these actors is amazing. How fun it must be to work with someone for years and to be able to so easily play off each other. 
Then, treat of all treats, we watched the breakfast scene with the nasty step-sisters and wicked step-mother. Cinderella is scurrying around at each command. Everything is choreographed to the second. Who knew that it takes hours of rehearsal to look so spontaneous and surprising?!

The director giving last minute notes.

Autumn Ness and Traci Allen, an adorable pair.

Autumn Ness working her magic!

She pulled Krista up for a bit on flirting during the rehearsal.

Pearl, giving Krista “the look.”

The surprises kept us guessing, and laughing!

Look out, Lady Gaga, Virginia’s got your house dress!

Lookin’ lovely and makin’ wishes.

Some playful interactions.

Dean Holt and Autumn Ness explaining how fun it is to have kids in the audience. 
Now, there are your surprises!
Traci Allen took a break from rehearsal and posed with the girls.

Children’s Theatre Director Peter C. Brosius and Mary Aalgaard

Sherry Ward, PR for the Children’s Theater, Mary Aalgaard and the girls.
Thanks for the inviting us to the show, and for the sneak peak and behind-the-scenes tour.
We had a blast!!!
Leah and Rebekah waiting for Cinderella.

Krista and the girls
The behind-the-scenes tour was a special blogger event. I feel so honored to be online media for the Children’s Theatre, other metro theatres, and local events. What a great way to promote the arts and be part of many wonderful productions and events. Like Cinderella, we can all live the dream by stretching just a little further beyond our comfort zones and believing.

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt:  Describe one of your best days, ever!