Remember this pic?

Mr. Happy at the All American Motel in Custer, SD
Mr. Happy was still able to keep a smile on his face after a long day in South Dakota. He woke up with us in Pierre, SD, had a big breakfast at the hotel, and tucked in for the 175 miles to Sturgis for the 73rd annual motorcycle rally. His little heart was pumping with anticipation.
The Biker Chef and his favorite Patch Lady, Shirley
The Chef said that he feels like he has officially arrived at the rally when he says hello to Shirley, the Patch Lady, and buys his Jackpine Gypsies’ t-shirt, patch, and pin. He has been known to ship her Shell’s beer and Minnesota Maple Syrup in appreciation. The Jackpine Gypsies were the first motorcycle club to start meeting in Sturgis in 1937. If you go to their website, click on History to read about the founders of the Jackpine Gypsies and the Sturgis Rally.
The Biker Chef checking out the Harley’s,
and the old Harley’s.
I enlarged this one, and although it’s running off the page, if you look closely you can see a bit of yellow, that’s me wearing my Jackpine Gypsies vintage photo shirt from last year’s rally, and the Biker Chef in the reflection. We thought the photo turned out pretty cool.
There was a lady wearing a hot dog hat and selling hot dogs. We couldn’t resist!
By mid-afternoon, we were ready to walk away from the packed rally and hit the dusty, and also crowded, trail. This is the Vanocker Canyon, a favorite ride in the Hills. See the storm clouds in the background. It rolled through while we were eating supper at the Bumpin Buffalo in Hill City. Then, it left a double rainbow!
We geared up for the remaining raindrops and landed at the All American Motel in Custer, SD.
What a hoot that was!
It was time for a cool beverage and some relaxin’ time.
The Biker Chef likes to say that he worked all day on that hairdo!
Mr. Happy was happy hangin’ with the guys.
Mike Johnson, our travel companion, might have corrupted poor Mr. Happy.
By this time, we’d had a full day, getting up bright and early in Pierre, wandering around Sturgis, spending a little money, checking out the sites, riding a little further to Custer, SD. When we went into the office of this little mom & pop shop, I noticed their “high tech” registration system was still using a piece of paper, real metal keys, dial-up card reader, and a regular guest who just stepped in to help out the owner’s mother-in-law who was barely keeping up. Our room was likely updated in the 80’s and the curtain was falling off. Still, it was a bed, reasonable rates, and a shower with excellent water pressure. The Chef said he’d come back to this motel just for the shower! After a long day in the saddle, a good strong shower feels pretty darn good. I suppose I was a little punchy by nightfall, but the whole experience at the All American Inn really cracked me up. We finished out the night sitting on a picnic table overlooking the road where the bikers roared in and out, the sun set over the hills, and we had time to just breath in the cool night air.
Sunset over Custer, SD
Mr. Happy feeling like he’s on top of the world.
Mr. Happy kissed his new friend Christy good-night and turned in early.
It was a big day!
May all your adventures be filled with moments that make you laugh and sigh and give you a sense of belonging.
Ride safe and Journey on!