The Biker Chef awoke Sunday morning with a need for some wind time. After many, many long days and hours in the kitchen at a local resort, no doubt the Chef was feeling about as dull as his knives in the final third of a busy summer season. The sun was shining, the roads were dry, we both had some time to spare, so we hit the dusty trail, riding through Duluth and up the North Shore of Lake Superior, past Two Harbors, which was overflowing with tourists, past the Split Rock Lighthouse and Gooseberry Falls, and finally stopped for lunch at Cove Point in Silver Bay. We started the ride at 9:30 am, stopped once for gas in Two Harbors, and didn’t take a break until we hit Silver Bay at 1:30. The Chef said it’s a nice place to stay, but we had only one day to play, so we’ll save that for another trip. The North Shore is wildly popular in the fall. Some of the trees were already looking like the tops were dipped in paint. The sumac was flaming red, and some Maple trees were already in their full autumn dress, a deep crimson. The Birch trees flashed bits of yellow as the leaves fluttered in the wind.

We ate at the bar/restaurant at the top of the hill overlooking the Cove Point Lodge and Lake Superior. The water sparkled. The food hit the spot. They offer totchos, like nachos but with tater tots, as an appetizer. The Chef loves tater tots, so we had to try them. They are covered in cheese (although, we thought it could have had more), bacon, fresh tomatoes, green onions, and sour cream, a tasty snack. We shared a sandwich, then headed back down the shore with a stop at Betty’s Pies, which was the whole motivation for heading that direction!

I said, “Oh, we better let Mr. Happy out so he can enjoy a bite of my blueberry cream pie.”

Mr. (un)Happy and our trip up the North Shore of Lake Superior
The Chef opened the tour pack and gasped.
“What?” I asked.
“We forgot Mr. Happy.”
“What?! No. Are you sure?”
We looked again. No Mr. Happy.
Uh, oh.
When we got home, we had some s’plainin’ to do.
Mr. (un)Happy and our trip up the North Shore of Lake Superior
Mr. Happy is very Unhappy about being left at home.
We’re sorry, Mr. Happy. We didn’t mean to leave you out. We thought you were in your Happy House, riding along.
(Major frowns and cold shoulder from Mr. Happy.)
We still love you. (The pie was really good.)
The day was gorgeous, the pie delicious, the time together priceless, and overall, well worth the stiff legs and tight back from riding 10 hours and over 460 miles. The Chef said it would be like riding from Brainerd, MN to Wall, SD. (Was that a test to see if I could handle it? Maybe. With the new Sundowner seat, though, I didn’t have any pain in my bum.)
Ride on. Life is made for adventures! (But, don’t forget to bring your friends along on the journey, or they might give you the cold shoulder.)
Mr. Happy, we’re sorry. The Chef will bake you your very own pie when he has a day off.  I know. I know. When will that be? This fall? Alright, I’ll make you pancakes and you can put on as much Maple syrup as you like.
(Mr. Happy pulls one arm down and gives me half a smile.)