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Mr. Happy goes to Wall Drug, SD


As you know, our trip out to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was fast, but fun. On day three, August 6, we stopped in Wall, SD for a little shopping, lunch, and a short break. Mr. Happy had a blast hanging with the cowboys, old and new.

Mr. Johnson continues to be a bad influence on Mr. Happy.
(Mr. Happy coughs and waves the smoke out of his eyes.)

The boys each bought a Pendelton blanket and figured out how to strap them onto the bikes. I missed my chance to grab a photo of them holding their new, wool blankies that will last a life time.

Mr. Happy got the boys back by whispering in their ears, “Buy the blankets. You know you want them.”

Once you bring Mr. Happy out, he attracts a certain amount of attention.

Another biker doing bunny ears on Mr. Happy. The guy in the background has other ideas.
Mr. Happy in a do-rag. The sunglasses were coming next.

That Mr. Happy sure knows how to have a good time!

Ride safe, journey on, and enjoy the moments!


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