I am going to give Harley-Davidson a little free advertising (if you folks would like to advertise here in the future, send me a message). I was complaining back in May when we took our first longer ride of the season that my sitz bones were digging into the seat and I was not excited to jump back on the bike. It was more than sore muscles and stiffness from sitting in the same position mile after mile. The Biker Chef graciously bought the Sundowner Seat!

We’ve shared that seat for up to 10 hours of riding in one day and over 460 miles! Although I still get a little stiff, and need to get up and walk around to get the circulation back in my legs, my bum is not nearly so sore, and I can enjoy the ride much more. I’m ready for more adventures thanks to the Sundowner Seat!

On Sunday, Aug. 18, we took a long ride up the North Shore. It was a gorgeous day, with a hint of color already in the trees and ditch weeds. Come back later to find out why Mr. Happy is not happy!