Millie and Willie encourage new bloggers!
Quote of the Day: If you wish to be a writer, write! Epictetus (Greek Philospher)
This is one of my favorite quotes, and quite fitting for this group of writers. They came to my blogging class with ideas to share and words to write and pictures to post. I can’t wait to see what they produce! Of course, they have the same old fears that all artists experience. Do I have the time, the knowledge, the know-how? Who am I to write a blog on that? What about the exposure to the world? Am I ready for that. I say, Yes. If you feel the call to write and to share your work, get going. The world is waiting for your words of wisdom and to connect with you.
These creative people will be starting blogs about geneolgy, a rare disorder, a mother and son who wrote a book together about his struggles with cancer at a young age. We had a quilter, a photographer (actually many who love to take pictures and share them), one or two who are retired and want to share their story, and several authors who want to get their words and work out there for all of you fabulous readers.
I’ll share their links as soon as they’re ready, and you can have more blogs to read and follow and fellow artists/writers to support. I love this blogging community!
Thanks, “kids”, for coming to my class. I learned so much from you, too. That we never stop learning and growing and wanting to explore more of what this world has to offer on and off-line.
Go. Create. Inspire!
Journaling Prompt:  What is the purpose of your blog (or art)? Who is your audience?