One day, not so long ago, Mr. Happy came knocking on the door.

(knock knock)

Mr. Happy:  Hey, anybody home?

I answered the door, still in my pjs, wondering what’s up.

Mr. Happy:  Do you realize that the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is just three short weeks away?

I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, squinted at the bright sunshine.

Mary:  Come in. I’ll make some coffee and check the calendar.

Sure enough, the Motorcycle Rally is right around the corner, and the Biker Chef and I hadn’t made any plans. The next thing we knew, the Biker Chef was on the phone with a couple buddies who want to ride with us. We made plans to make plans.

Mr. Happy brought the Road Atlas and a pen. We ordered drinks.
So, last Tuesday, we jumped on the bike and rode up to our favorite burger joint, The Half Moon Saloon, and mapped out a couple potential routes and decided to “pack our depends.”
Our journey depends on:
Work schedules
How many people join the ride
Cash flow
Mr. Happy was just happy to be out riding, even if it was a short ride, sipping his Coca-Cola with cherry juice and chuckling at all the possible scenarios. In the end, he says, it doesn’t matter where we go as long as we jump on the bike and hang together.
Ok, Mr. Happy, we have our dates set, destination still undetermined. Weather permitting and internet access pending, we’ll keep our avid fans posted.
Mr. Happy wishes you all a safe journey as you jump on the bike, head to the Rally, or ride off on your own destination!