Funny title, I know, but that’s the song I’m thinking of as I write that number. The Biker Chef and I rode about 500 miles last weekend from Brainerd, MN to Gary, SD to attend (crash) a family reunion. I was related to no one. I was there as the guest of the Chef who was there as the father of the daughter-in-law, and other Grandpa at the farm near the SD border where the hog was home grown and savory; the lamb was tender and perfectly spiced; the side dishes were irresistible (we were not counting how many dessert bars were eaten), and that wasn’t even the best part!

Of course, it was family. We toasted to a great family weekend and smiled through every minute. I got the chance to meet the Chef’s family who are kind, smart, talented, and welcoming, not to mention – adorable!

And, I will ride 500 Miles
The fam!
A highlight of this gathering was the music. They are related to singer/song writer Charlie Roth who entertained all afternoon. At one point, Mary and her four brothers got up and sang together, along with her husband Kurt. What a treat. They are all so talented. I think they’re mom was beaming as she heard all her kids making music together (just like when you were kids, right?). Charlie’s great blue-grassy sound brings the plains to life. Thanks for sharing your gift with us, Charlie!
And, I will ride 500 Miles
Singer/Song Writer Charlie Roth
And, I will ride 500 Miles
Mary and the boys
And, I will ride 500 Miles
Mr. Happy was very excited to meet Little Chef
As we say in the Midwest, a good time was had by all. Thanks, Mary, and crew, for the lovely day. It was the best family reunion I’ve ever crashed!!! I think the chef would like to put the bike in reverse and relive it all over again.
Next up, the Sturgis Rally, a chance to put more miles on the bike and, as the Chef says, get a little wind time.
Enjoy your journey. Ride on!