Quote of the Day:  Poem by Guy Kelm, author of The Apron
I am but a simple reminder
Of the life lived
By one who has given much.

Within my folds
I carry memories
To be told
By those who hold me.

The Apron written by Guy Kelm, illustrated by Brady Bussler


The Apron written by Guy Kelm and illustrated by Brady Bussler is a picture book of memories and stories about a mom and her big family, growing up on the farm, told from the perspective of the Apron that was there for the flour dusted days of bread baking to the bloody knee days of spills and heart break. The illustrations are also from the Apron’s perspective, a charming compliment to the stories.

Here’s a link to a video of Guy Kelm discussing his book.

This book is both delightful and sentimental. It gives you insight into times past, when living and working on a farm were hard work, yet filled with love and wonder. Many people who read it tell the author how it evokes memories of their own growing up years and mothers.

Guy Kelm teaches second grade at Riverside Elementary in the Brainerd school district. He is a writer and lover of words. He is also my friend who appeared in my play, Coffee Shop Confessions, where he also shared his amazing skills as a director.

The Apron can be purchased locally at a few stores in downtown Brainerd: The Olde Open Window, Fancy Pants Chocolates, and Cat Tales Book Store. Or, visit Guy’s website, Green Kite Publishing. Guy and I will be teaching a summer camp session at the Franklin Arts Center called Kids and the Art of Writing, June 17-21, for 8-12 year olds who want to write their own books!

Guy and the illustrator, Brady, are great examples of following your dream, building your art, and sending it out into the world.

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt:  Write about your mom or a childhood memory.