We rode up to Itasca State Park from Brainerd, MN on Father’s Day. I know, I’m a bit slow in posting about it. I was busy teaching Kids and the Art of Writing, a day camp for kids who love writing, this week. You can read about that on my other blog, Play off the Page.

The Biker Chef somehow had the day off on a Sunday, so we jumped on the bike. I hadn’t been to Itasca State Park since my middle son was a baby, about 15 years ago, so this was a fun trip. The Chef says that he has been up to the headwaters, soaking his hot feet in the cool water, and hearing languages that are spoken all over the world. Itasca State Park is a natural treasure right here in Minnesota, a destination for many.
Our Mr. Happy’s first trip to the Headwaters of the mighty Mississippi River.
(Finally, got him off the sauce, Maple Syrup.)
Mr. Happy guarding the freshly tapped and cooked Maple Syrup.
Millie and Willie stayed home to prepare for the Writing Camp.
Mr. Happy, sunning on the rocks at Lake Itasca
The cool water felt good on my hot feet.
Mr. Happy breathed in the fresh air, clearing his head from the Maple Syrup high.
The weather was at times warm and sunny, with intermittent sprinkles, and lots of wind!
The Chef climbing the rocks with the kids.
Look out, Grandpa, they’re slippery!
Before we hit the park, we had lunch at Companeros, one of the Chef’s favorite restaurants, where they have the best fried ice cream. Strong winds mixed with tree pollen produced clouds of green pollen. I’ve been stuffed up ever since the ride. I also got my first motorcycle injury on this ride, well, stop. The Chef parked the bike in the parking lot of the Headwaters, on a cement slab. I failed on the dismount and didn’t notice how close it was to the edge with the scattered rocks. My heel caught a rock and down I went, hard, on my bottom. I had to take a minute to catch my breath. We headed towards the gift shop where I ran right into my brother and his family! They were spending Father’s Day at the park, too, riding their bicycles and hanging out together.
Fun to bump into family at the state park.
Of course, we had to go into the gift shop to cool off…and shop. I got a pair of readers, lip gloss, and some earrings (it distracted me from the pain in my bum which later turned purple). The Chef took note that their fresh Maple Syrup ran about $10.00 a jar.
When we got back home, the Chef grilled up the most delicious ribeye steaks with garlic mashed potatoes, better than anything we could get at a restaurant. He said it was a great way to end Father’s Day.
Ride on. Be safe, and Dare to have an adventure!