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Birthday Run

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Since the Biker Chef turned 50 this week, and he had a small window of opportunity to jump on the bike, we took a quick ride along the Mississippi and St. Croix Rivers, down the Minnesota side, and back up on the Wisconsin side, a little over 500 miles.

Scenic Overlook near Taylors Falls, MN
Looking a bit poofy as we geared up in leathers and electric vests!
St. Croix River at Taylors Falls, MN
The Biker Chef, celebrating turning 50 with a cool ride.

The electric vests that we bought at Aerostich saved the day and made for a comfortable ride on a cool, spring day. The temps stayed in the 50’s (Fahrenheit) and overcast on Thursday. On Friday, the sun made a brief appearance like an old friend, and we were able to take off the heated vests for the second half of the ride!

We stopped for coffee and pastries at the Rocky River Bakery in Taylors Falls, MN.
They have maps up so you can mark where you came from.
People from all over the world have stopped at this little bakery for a treat.
Decorated with kitchen gadgets.
Filled with home baked goodness!

It was a cold day, and the first longer ride for me, so when we stopped in Red Wing for a bite and a warm up, exhaustion (and a few drinks) hit, and we decided to call it a day and stay there for the night.

The ride out the next morning, down to Winona, and back up the river on the Wisconsin side, was lovely. The air warmed up, the sun came out, and we hit the highlights in towns like Stockholm, WI, lunch at the Creamery in Nelson, WI, and a cool beverage at the Nauti Hawg in Hager City.

Buena Vista Park and overlook. Alma, WI.
A cat, whose name could be Peaches, at The Nelson Cheese Factory, WI.
Great lunch and yummy cheeses and snacks for later.

It felt a little decadent to take off during the week for a two day ride. It was cool, but fun. We’re calling this quick trip Phase One in the Biker Chef’s 50th Birthday Celebration. Phase Two was a trip to the Guthrie Theater on Sunday (you can read my review of Clybourne Park on my Play off the Page blog) and dinner at the Chef’s favorite restaurant near Pillager, MN called The Landing, followed by Joy’s most delicious chocolate birthday cake!

You made it to 50.
Make a wish!
  1. Yay for birthdays!! And also for cake LOL

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