Quote of the Day:  Taking a page from my own photo album (circa 1988).
Here I am having a snack at the airport/train connection in Frankfurt, Germany, during my study abroad experience. I wrote: The starting point of a one month tour of Europe.
(My early days of “blogging!”)
Top picture: Me at the Frankfurt station.
Bottom picture: Me and Ric at the Munich train station, heading to Italy.
Last year, I posted this picture of my First Born, graduating high school, here in Minnesota, and heading to Texas Tech University for school.
Bobby who says, “Texas or Bust.”
This year’s cake (if we’d gotten one) would say, “Spain or Bust!”
Yep, he’s taking the summer semester in Spain. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Again, I can only blame myself. I spent a full semester in Germany, January-May 1988, and added one more month of travel before I came home. It’s an experience of a life time.
Bobby, ready to board the airport shuttle to start his European Adventure!
I sent a text message to his dad after I wiped a tear from my eye: He’s off on the Lakes Express.
Reply from his dad: I am a combination of nervous and excited for him.
Me too, I wrote back.
What an exciting time of life, to be 19 and have the world at your feet. I feel so many emotions. I wish I could be there with him to make sure he gets safely to his destination and connects with the group. I’m proud of him for braving it on his own. I want to experience it with him, but know that it’s his journey to take. So, with a tight squeeze and a kiss on the cheek, I sent him off by saying, “I love you. Have fun, and be safe.”
Go. Create. Inspire!
Journaling Prompt:  Write about your own grand adventures, or sending off a loved one. (I don’t know how the military moms survive it. It’s tough enough sending them off for an education.)