Quote of the Day:  Whatever you do, do it with all your heart. This was the message on our Yogi tea bag this week.

The Blogging from A to Z Challenge is over and now it’s May 1, the first Wednesday of the month, and time for another post for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, started and supported by Alex J. Cavanaugh. Whew! It was a blogging marathon, and I loved it!

It feels more natural to be writing my reflections on the challenge post right now, but I’ll hold back. That will come on Friday. These two, Millie and Willie Cottonpoly, were there for me this whole month!

Millie and Willie Cottonpoly, gearing up for further adventures.
When you’re feeling insecure as a writer, or artist, or in life in any way, what you need to do is build up your support team. Surround yourself with people who say, “I believe in you.”  Create puppets, if you want, to give you the visual stimulation. Invite other people into the creativity.
Play off each other’s creativity.
Play off each other’s ideas.
Play off each other’s dialogue.
Play off the Page!
Hey, that’s a great name for a blog.
I had moments of insecurity through the challenge, but the puppets kept me going. When I felt a little silly about bringing them out, I quickly learned that they helped me make a connection with the people around me. Heck, even the famous poet Naomi Shihab Nye held the puppets for a photo and giggled along with me!
My insecurity is, How can I keep up the momentum from the blogging from A to Z Challenge and create more plays that people will want to be in, watch, and produce?
I’ll keep Millie and Willie, and those wonderful supportive people, close at hand!
Go. Create. Inspire!
Journaling Prompt:  When have you felt that a “silly” action on your part was the best way to break the ice and make connections?