Quote of the Month: Open the window in the center of your chest and let the spirits fly in and out. Rumi

(My theme for this year’s
A to Z Challenge is Open.)

Millie and Willie Cottonpoly, a sock puppet creation, are here to tell you their story during the April A to Z Blogging Challenge.

Millie and Willie visit the Fancy Pants Chocolate Store in Brainerd, MN and Open Up a bag of chocolates
Willie:  Mmm. Millie, good choice. These chocolate covered potato chips are scrumptious.
Millie:  I’m eyeing the sea salt caramels. They’re my favorite.
Willie:  A walk uptown with you, a stop at the candy store, and a chance to talk. That’s all I need for a sweet date with you, Millie.
Millie:  I’m in utter bliss.
Willie:  It’s an unusually mild night. What do you say we wander down to the river and watch the sun set?
Millie:  Unbelievably gorgeous.
Willie:  Just like you darling.

(Millie and Willie walk back home, under the stars, their path lit by a full moon, where they open up to each other about their hopes and fears.)

Go. Create. Inspire!
Journaling Prompt:  What’s your favorite sweet treat? Where’s the best place for you to open up to someone in a conversation?