Quote of the Month: Open the window in the center of your chest and let the spirits fly in and out. Rumi
(My theme for this year’s
A to Z Challenge is Open.)

Millie and Willie Cottonpoly, a sock puppet creation, are here to tell you their story during the April A to Z Blogging Challenge.  

Millie and Willie having a cup of coffee.

Millie:  Willie, did you see this post from our friends who make mosaics? I want to share it in our A to Z Challenge.

Willie:  Too bad we already passed M.

Millie:  It’s from Nutmeg Designs. They are so talented.

Willie:  Too bad we already passed N.

Millie:  They made a beautiful O which stands for Open and wrote all about it.

Willie:  Too bad we already passed O.

Millie:  (slapping her forehead and giving Willie a look) We can use it today. It’s P day.

Willie:  There’s no P in mosaic, Margaret, Startoz, Nutmeg Designs, O.

Millie: Post, Willie. I’ll link to their post on Stratoz’ blog. Post starts with the letter P.

Willie:  So does pizza. I’m hungry.

Millie:  I hear Stratoz makes a mean pizza.

Willie:  Maybe he’ll invite us over some day.

Millie:  We should be so lucky.

Willie:  Party, party starts with p, and we could serve popovers, peanuts, pancakes.

Millie:  Willie, you’re getting distracted again. I think we should start by inviting Margaret and Stratoz over for coffee.

Willie:  And, pastries.

Millie:  Oh, for heaven’s sake.

Willie:  I could teach them my favorite song. (Willie starts singing, I’ve been working on the railroad.)

Go. Create. Inspire!
Journaling Prompt:  Please visit Strat’s blog on Open. What have you been open to in the last year?
I’ve been open to meeting new people, trying new things, producing a play, jumping on a bike (Harley), taking a wild west vacation, and many more wonderful things.