It’s always fun to wander along the docks down at the marina in Cabo San Lucas. You never know what they might be bringing in.

Not the prettiest picture in the world, but it is quite the show down at the docks when the fishermen are cutting up sharks and other fresh catch.

Pelicans fighting for a nibble.
The sea creatures help put on a show.
Beware the splash!

The Biker Chef chatted it up with the fishermen, told them he was a chef, and if they’d had any extra meat from a catch, might have taken it back to our place and whipped up a fresh seafood feast. We weren’t there at the right time, so the local restaurants provided delicious offerings. Awesome pasta at Romeo and Juliettas, authentic Mexican dishes at Hacienda el Coyote, the best coconut shrimp ever at Cabo Wabo, and tasty local dishes at Baja Peppers.

mochajate de carne served in mortar bowl, delicious blend of spices, meat and veggies

(Mr. Happy, who met Willie and Millie over at Play off the Page,  talked into the wee hours of the morning, holding Willie captive with his fish tales and descriptions of the delicious cuisine in sunny Cabo.)