Quote of the Month: Open the window in the center of your chest and let the spirits fly in and out. Rumi
(My theme for this year’s
A to Z Challenge is Open.)

Millie and Willie, a sock puppet creation, are here to tell you their story during the April A to Z Blogging Challenge. Be Open to a new Direction in life. You, like Millie, might be called to be a Dog Whisperer.

Willie met Millie when she was working at the First State Bank of Worthington. While the income was sufficient for her to rent an apartment with a friend, and the costumers were interesting (especially the young railroad worker, Willie), Millie’s heart wasn’t in counting change and opening accounts.

Willie:  When I started courting Millie, I was worried that one of the other fellows in town might woo her away. She’s quite a looker, you know. But, it wasn’t the human species that captured her heart, it was the canine variety.

Millie:  I always had a side job as a dog sitter. All my neighbors knew that I loved dogs. I’d walk by their houses, and their pups would run out to greet me. Sometimes, I volunteered to take them for a walk, especially if their owners were really busy or were getting a little less mobile and needed someone to give their dogs exercise.

Willie:  For our first anniversary, I gave her a miniature Schnauzer.

Millie: She was a little devil.

Willie: It’s true. Whenever someone came to the door, she barked like they were going to murder us or something.

Millie:  She didn’t come when he was called.

Willie:  Chewed every piece of leather she could find. I didn’t have a single shoe left to wear to work.

Millie, working her Dog Whisperer charms

Millie:  I was desperate. I thought I had a way with dogs until Tillie came to live with us. So, I brought her to dog obedience school. The class was a life-saver. I wanted to learn to do what the instructor was doing. She had all those dogs under control at the same time.

Willie:  Millie already had a natural talent for calming down dogs and teaching them tricks.

Millie:  Once I learned a few more techniques and worked with more dogs, I gained my confidence. Soon, the neighbors offered to pay me to help train their dogs. I got so busy, I eventually quit my job at the bank.

Willie:  Millie has been called in to work with castaway greyhounds that were only trained to race. She’s rescued Dobberman’s whose owners didn’t know how to handle them. She’s gone into animal rescue shelters and retrained dogs that were once abused and taught them to regain trust in humans.

Millie: (tears glistening in her eyes) I can’t understand cruelty to animals. Dogs bond with us, are always loyal, and will protect their owners. How could anyone turn their anger on them?

Willie:  Abuse never makes sense.

Millie:  I stopped by the shelter yesterday while you were at the podiatrist.

Willie:  Do I need to hide my leather shoes?

Millie:  It’s a one year old miniature Schnauzer, Willie. Abandoned. One paw was wrapped in a bandage. Looked exactly like our Tillie.

Willie: (humming I’ve been working on the railroad as he gathers up his shoes and tucks them in a closet) We’ll go get her tomorrow.

Millie:  I love you, Willie.

Willie:  I love you, too, Millie.

(Millie gets out the doggie bed while humming How much is that doggie in the window)

Go. Create. Inspire!
Journaling Prompt:  Millie has the special skill as a dog whisperer. Do you have a special skill? Have you ever rescued an animal from the shelter?