What’s a trip “off the page” without our little buddy, Mr. Happy. We packed him in the backpack, bought our plane tickets, and off we flew to sunny Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Mr. Happy is still small enough to fly for free as long as we hold him on our laps, or keep him safely strapped into the backpack.

Luckily, all of Mr. Happy’s liquids come in miniature containers, and he’s made out of faux fur, so he passed through security. I, on the other hand, set off the alarms with all the sparkles on my shirt. Note: when traveling, no bling, no belts, no metal of any kind. I recommend a sports bra and sweatpants!
This was Mr. Happy’s and my first trip to Cabo. The Biker Chef has been there several times, so he played Road Captain. Mr. Happy and I stared out the window and oohed and ahhed at all the blooming plants – a sight for the winter blinded eyes we have from the glaring snow of northern Minnesota.
View from our hotel
As soon as we landed, Mr. Happy begged to sit by the pool and order his first blended drink, vacation size!
He quickly made friends with the poolside servers, and told the time-share hounds to go pound salt. We were here to relax! That night, we ditched the hounds, jumped on the shuttle, and had dinner in town, along the marina, at a place called Alexander. Jose was out front, greeting all the happy vacationers. The Chef had the shrimp tempura and I had the pad thai with shrimp. They cooked it tableside so it was as hot and fresh as it could be. Yum, yum, and triple yum!
Mr. Happy and Carlos
On day two of our trip, we decided that Mr. Happy might have had a bit too much sun and blended drinks, so we left him in the room to take a nap while the Biker Chef and I went back into town. We walked around, shopped. I bought a hat. We were hungry, so we stopped into Captain Tony’s for a quick bite.
Captain Tony’s holds the title for the best wood fired pizza in Cabo. They also work with the Pisces fishing excurions next door, so if you do catch the big one, they will prepare it there for you!
Considering that all of our senses were aroused as we sat near the pizza ovens and watched the chefs at work, we just had to order the house special pizza!
We sat close enough to watch this guy at work and take a few photos.
Wood fired pizza is so delicious.
At this point, our mouths are watering.
They served it with this yummy habenero cream sauce.
The Chef asked for the list of ingredients, which he got from our wonderful waiter, who also brought us a taste of their house apple vinegrette salad dressing. Our vacation just turned into a business trip, sweet!
By the time we got back to our resort, the sun was out and heating up the place, so we lathered Mr. Happy up with sun screen and brought him up to the sky pool where he promptly ordered two more blended drinks. We were full and tired and found the warm sun and ocean breezes to be the ideal ingredients for a good a nap.
 Check back later for further highlights of our Cabo trip. We have more great meals to share with you!