Quote of the Day:  There’s always room for one more! Said anyone who’s ever opened their home for guests.

Photo by Dan Norman, featuring Autumn Ness and Bernie the Butterfly

Autumn Ness uses her outstanding theatrical skills to tell us the story of Bernice the Butterfly, her little house, and her big heart in The Biggest Little House in the Forest by Rosanna Staffa, adapted from the book by Djemma Bider.

When you walk into the theatre, you can pick out sock puppets to wear on your feet which makes you feel like you’re already part of the show. My sister and I giggled as we set our boots on the rack and slipped the socks on our feet. We asked the sock attendant to take our picture!  Then my Right Side Puppet tapped her Left Side Puppet and said, “Hey, wanna see a show today?” Her Lefty said, “Yes!” We slid on into the theatre, right behind the little guy making noises. His mom said, “No shooting noises in the theatre.” You don’t hear that every day!

This show is designed for even the smallest of theatre fans to enjoy. Everyone from babies to Grandparents were there. One little girl, Pink Tutu, was so excited about the noises, that she got up and told her Grandpa, “It’s in her pocket.” Later Pink Tutu collected the feathers from the pillow fight scene that landed in the audience. I heard kids giggling and trying to talk to the puppets. The boy next to us had the best laugh. What a hoot to have him in the audience. Some of them got so excited they stood up, or whispered to their moms, or handed out feathers to other kids (Pink Tutu).
Photo by Dan Norman. Autumn Ness and Millie the Mouse
Autumn Ness keeps the energy up and the kids engaged. She throws feathers, blows bubbles, looks at the kids when a new sound breaks in and another character tries to move into the house. It reminded me of when my mom would say, “Put another potato in the pot, more people are coming!” This is a story of adding more friends to the fun and sharing what you have like in The Mitten by Jan Brett or One Dog Canoe by Mary Casanova. Where there’s heart room there’s house room. Isn’t that the saying? But, how much is too much? And, what happens when your generosity is bursting at the seams? Go to the Children’s Theatre in Minneapolis to find out what Bernice the Butterfly and her friends do!
Photo by Dan Norman. Turns out the Frog is a great chef, flippin’ pancakes and everything!

My sister and I were thinking that’s what we want to do with our Art Spa. Invite them all, big and small, worried or confident. We’ll find room for all of you. Make a bed here. Add chair to the table there. The more the merrier!

Photo by Dan Norman
Autumn Ness really knows how to play with her audience. I can imagine many of them will go home, make their own puppets, or use their favorite toys to make their own Biggest Little House in the Forest (or lakeside, or street, or farm, or apartment, or park, or…you get what I mean.)  Joy and I are already planning our sock puppet day at the Primo Art Spa.
Go. Create. Inspire!
Journaling Prompt: What makes you giggle?