Quote of the Day:  Whenever one door closes, another one opens.
Or, as Maria says it in The Sound of Music, When God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.

This image comes from the store called The Olde Open Window.
My word for the year is OPENRoxane, blogger at Peace Garden Writer, discussed the word for the year with me. She said that sometimes you also experience it’s opposite. For me, that would be close, closed, maybe even closing.
Sometimes, something has to close in order for another to open. Sometimes, we’re open to that change. Sometimes, we resist it. I attended a decluttering workshop once where the instructor gave me an image. If we hold tightly to our old ways and our old things we are closed up, fists clenched, pulled into ourselves. But, if we open our hands, fling wide our arms, we are now open for something new and better. 

So, I’m starting out my year of the word OPEN, with a closing. My church, which was a start-up Lutheran church in our area, is closing. We weren’t able to grow enough in the past six year to sustain a viable existence. This smaller faith community was just what I needed. They embraced me, healed me, and lifted me up. I felt like I belonged in this smaller parish. They seemed more authentic and close-knit compared to larger congregations, and everyone’s efforts were appreciated. Rejoice Lutheran was there for me when I needed it. It’s a place where I let my musical talents shine. I will miss the community.
So, now what?  I don’t know. Maybe I’m meant to be more global in my spirituality? Maybe it’s time to step back and be open to other possibilities.
What will open up from this closing?
Go. Create. Inspire!
Journaling Prompt:  Has January sparked some change in your life? Any closings? Anything new opening for you?