Finally, after dating for almost nine month, I got to taste the renowned Taco Soup by the Biker Chef. He made a local restaurant, called Kelly’s at the time, famous for his taco soup, and other outstanding recipes. People still run up to him at the Fleet Farm, grab him by the arm and say, “God, I miss your taco soup. If you ever make it again, call me, please, I’ll pay whatever you want for it.” (I am not exaggerating.)  Here’s a picture of it. I had to snap it fast because it’s gone lickety split!

Some of the ingredients include ground beef, beans, tomatoes, salt & pepper, secret spices, and a whole lotta love!
Mr. Happy grabbed a spoon as fast as he could.
I had to help him just a little, then asked for another bowl!
Yep, licked’er clean!
Thank you, Chef. You make all my parts happy!
Mr. Happy busted out of his jar when he saw the home-made whole wheat sour dough bread, with honey butter. (I had to wipe the drool off his chin.)
He fell in love with Joy when he saw her delicious treats.
(The tiramisu is out on the porch, cooling.)
Look how he admires her.
And, look at Joy admiring the deer head on the wall!
(You know you’re Up North in Minnesota when you dine under a deer head.)
Thanks, Mike & Chef for inviting us over!
Thanks, Chef, now I know why people are crying in their beds, dreaming of your famous Taco Soup!
We topped off the evening with high hilarity as we read each other questions from the game, Would You Rather? The writers for this game must have had so much fun coming up with scenarios like this one: Would you rather have a little man living inside your mouth and constantly hammering at your teeth, or have a small bird living on the end of your nose plucking out nose hairs at its discretion?
We laughed so hard that we were wiping away tears and coughing up old phlegm. At times, certain people couldn’t breath and doubled over in merriment.
I hope all of you have such a great time on a Saturday night (or any other night for that matter). A few key ingredients: great people, delicious food, and prompts that get you laughing!
Ride safe. Journey On. And, find ways to laugh until your belly hurts!