I had a Beef with the Survey at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally that I attended for the first time this past August, 2012 with the Biker Chef. In the survey, they had interests to check, most of them being outdoor sports, riding, racing, hunting, etc. The only one that wouldn’t fit that category was “Quilting.” I found it insulting. It felt like a joke. Either you love the outdoors and all outdoor activities, or you sit around quilting. No mention of music or art or any other type of hobby.  I’m not a quilter. However, I have to apologize to the Rally Survey Writers because I have now done some quilting. 

I still wouldn’t check the box for “Quilting” because I didn’t do any of the actual sewing. My mom did all of that, plus the planning and design. All I did was cut the blocks, cut out the logos, attach the logos to the blocks, and cut the borders. Also, I helped stretch out the quilt and pin it. Basically, I was just the helper.

Mom sewing the Biker Chef’s quilt

Here’s the most ironic photo of all. Not only did I help quilt, but also I used a shirt from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

It was a fun project. I had the opportunity to do something with my mom that she loves. I was able to put a little love into the making of the quilt so that the Chef can feel wrapped up in home-made goodness.

Have you ever tried a new project? How was your holiday season? Mine was the best ever!