Quote of the Day: Book trailer for Chaste by Angela Felstad

When he steps into his physics class on the first day of senior year, Quinn Walker is too exhausted from staying up all night with his three-month-old nephew to deal with moral dilemmas. As a devout Mormon who has vowed to wait until marriage for sex, the last thing he needs is a very hot and very sexy Katarina Jackson as his physics partner. Regrettably, he has no choice.

Kat feels invisible in her mansion of a home six months after losing her older brother in a fatal car crash and will do anything to get her parents’ attention. Since her pastor father has no love for Quinn’s “fake” religion and her ex-boyfriend refuses to leave her alone, she makes an impulsive bet with her friends to seduce her holier-than-thou lab partner by Christmas.

Angela Felstad is on a blog tour promoting her YA novel, Chaste. I just started reading it, and I’m already hooked. Angela is an excellent author. I’ve enjoyed reading her blog for a couple years and find her writing to be thought-provoking and daring. She does a great job of creating sexual tension from the start of the novel. Her characters are well defined and interesting, and the pacing of the story keeps you turning pages.

As a unique way to promote her book and spread holiday cheer, Angela is having us do a virtual cookie exchange. She’s asked that reviewers and book promoters include a favorite cookie recipe in their posts.  I chose The Forgotten Kiss. It’s such a fitting cookie for this story and the tardiness of my post. I had intended to get this one ready yesterday, but life got in the way, and here it is, afternoon, Midwestern time. I didn’t forget, I just got side-tracked! Also, with the theme of this novel, seduction, sexual purity, and desire, what better cookie to represent it?!

Forgotten Kisses (an Aalgaard favorite)
2 egg whites (or three if smaller eggs) beat well on high
add 3/4 cups of sugar, gradually, to eggs and beat about 12 minutes.
Part way through the beating, add a tsp of vanilla, green food coloring, and a pinch of salt.
Mix in mint chocolate chips and drop onto cookie sheet.
Heat oven to 200 degrees. Place cookies in oven and turn off the heat, leave overnight (forget about it until morning), and you should have crisp, but not sugary, mint drop cookies. It’s a tricky recipe. Sometimes, they turn out a little chewy. I’m sure weather and ovens make a difference on how they turn out. Our mom leaves the heat on a little while before she turns it off. You’ll have to experiment. Like in relationships, you need the right amount of sugar, heat, and cooling off.

You can get more information from Angela’s blog. You can order her book through most book sites.

Go. Create. Inspire!
And, find some great books to read in 2013!

Journaling Prompt:  Have you ever paired food with your reading? Or other art? Seems like a delicious relationship.