Quote of the Day: If I’m going to make a fake movie, it’s going to be a fake hit. from the movie Argo. Really, an excellent film. The moviemakers kept it suspenseful throughout, with some levity during the Hollywood scenes. I recommend it. I brought my three young, teenage boys, and didn’t cringe at all about the R rating. Lots of f-bombs, including the most memorable line, which is “Argo [blank] yourself.” And, of course, some intense scenes due to the content. This is a life and death situation. I felt an emotional connection to what was happening on the screen and happened in real life. I reflected on the value of human life. How some people don’t seem to value it at all, while others risk everything to save another person. Really powerful film. The boys all agreed that it was a great film and they’re glad that I brought them.

The movie was a sweet reward for all the work we’ve done the past two weeks to prepare for a couple big events. Middle son, Zach, had his Confirmation last Sunday, and my “little” sister Joy is coming to stay with us for a couple months. We had some work to do to tidy up the house, move Zach out of his room, so the boys could still have access to their “Boy Cave” in the basement.

He’s 14 and already way taller. Somehow, I’m becoming the shortest one in the family!
I can already feel my creative energy picking up as I anticipate my sister arriving. We have plans to do some music and/or a show together while she’s here. We’re available for concerts. Also, if you’ve ever thought of having a few voice lessons, Joy is a gifted voice teacher and is especially skilled at helping a wounded vocal musician overcome their “choir” trauma. She knows how to help you find your unique voice and what songs are the best for you. Contact us at mary.aalgaard@yahoo.com.
My heart has been heavy lately with thoughts of people my age who have terminal illnesses. It makes you realize that life is precious and fragile and that waiting around for the “perfect” timing for anything might cause you to lose the opportunity to “Jump on the Bike.” To read more on those thoughts, click on over to Ride off the Page.
Speaking of “perfect” and it’s non-existence, I’ll tell you a little story. As I was getting ready for church this morning, Charlie discovered that our toaster oven has gone kaputt. He decided to warm up his bagel in the microwave. Hoping to make it extra toasty, he set the time for 5 minutes! I walked downstairs to a room filled with smoke and two charred black halves of bagel. We left the windows open and went to church. All the way there, we still smelled the smoke. I got to church, set up my music, looked down, and noticed that I had two stains on my sweater that I had worn the night before to a baby shower, where I’d enjoyed a glass of red wine. So, there I was on “All Saints Sunday” smelling like a burnt bagel with wine stains on my sweater, and the Pastor’s message was that we can come to the table in our tarnished clothes and tattered hearts and be in communion with one another. We are the fellowship of saints on earth, all our imperfections making us part of a community.
Go. Create. Inspire!
Journaling Prompt:  Ever had any major catastrophes in the kitchen? How do you get the smell of burnt bagel out of your house? Do you have any music or church trauma?