The Biker Chef is not ready to winterize the Harley just yet. We decided to keep it handy in case the right combination of good weather and free time presents itself. It might be a short notice thing, so here it sits, in my garage, head pointed towards the door, Mr. Happy in the drink holder, and the riding gear still at the front of the closet.

Now that the busy resort season is over, the Chef can have his own kind of fun in the kitchen. He mixed up some pork sausage for brats and chorizo breakfast sausage, and invited me over to help. I didn’t get many pictures since I was busy turning the crank. One of the Chef’s first jobs as a teen was working at the local meat market. He mostly helped at the counter, but did learn a few tricks of the trade. He hopes to get the recipes from the owner before he’s no longer around to share them.
After the meat is mixed, you need to rinse the intestines.

Load the meat in the sausage stuffer, roll the casings on the end, and gently turn the handle (that was my job).

Twist the sausages one way, then the other, until you get a whole string of them.

Tie off the ends and reload. It may not be any cheaper than buying a premade package at the grocery store, but it’s tons more fun and you know exactly what’s in your sausage. Plus, the Chef likes to perfect the recipe. He said this batch was the best, yet. We grilled and ate some of the brats for dinner. Yum, just the right amount of spice and flavor.
This makes the Grandpa Chef very happy!
Thanks for letting me in on the sausage making fun. What’s our next adventure?
Be safe. Journey on, and Happy Trails!