So, the Biker Chef says he’s been lazy this fall by not riding his bike. Well, sometimes circumstances dictate other modes of transportation. Still, a guy gets the urge to feel the wind in his hair and watch the road roll under his feet. So on a cool, Sunday afternoon, he got the bike out and we rode around the lake. We stopped at Billy’s at Breezy Point for a hot coffee and Bailey’s and a delicious sandwich. It was fun, but chilly.

We could hear Mr. Happy rattling around in his waterproof jar in the tour pack. When we opened it up, it looked like he was trying to get out. We rode home, parked the bike, let Mr. Happy out of the tour pack, and drove over to the pumpkin farm.

I wonder what he’ll dress up as for Halloween?
The motorcycle season is about over here in Minnesota, so I asked the Chef what we could write about in the cold months. He said, “Snowmobiling.” Hmm. Maybe he could dictate those adventures. I think winter is for reading, napping, and sipping wine by the fire.
Be safe. Journey on. And, Happy Trails! (snow trails, wooded trails, or the open road)