Quote of the Day:  The Minnesota State Fair, The Great Minnesota Get-Together, is the second largest state fair in the nation, according to Wikipedia. It has everything: livestock, 4-H projects, fine arts, machinery hill, goofy hats, saunas for sale, beer, lemonade, leather, cheese curds, even lotto on a stick.

(We didn’t win the cash, nor the consolation prize which was a motorcycle.)
A visit to the State Fair is a great way to say good-bye to summer. We decided that the theme for the day was to look for things that are funny, things that crack you up. We started at the fish tank. Fish are funny-lookin’, especially giant catfish, like the ones you see at the bottom of the big outdoor tank.
Actually, I think these folks are more cute than funny.
Grandpa wearing his John Deere cap & overalls & grandma in her music notes t-shirt, admiring the large variety of fish.
Oh, but I did laugh at the folks eating loaded potatoes for breakfast! (I did not take their picture.) We entered the fairgrounds around 8:30 am, so they were off to a good start on the fair food.
It’s kind of funny to watch the butter sculptures of the Princess Kay of the Milky Way contestants. They’re sitting inside a rotating refrigerator.

This rendition of American Gothic in the Fine Arts building made me chuckle.
The cowboy hat was my first purchase at the fair.
Cheese curds are a popular product.
While we were devouring the curds, the young family next to us had their fair book out and were mapping their food route. We did a slow lap of the perimeter of fair and didn’t eat anything unusual, but I heard that the Spam curds are surprisingly good. Next year.
Despite our efforts to find funny in others, I managed to cause the biggest laugh. The Chef spotted a fun German heritage booth (his roots are German) and put on this funny hat. I lifted the camera to take a shot and poured beer down my front, which is why he’s laughing so hard. It was getting hot out by that time!
After that, we walked through the coliseum, looked at a few more things that we didn’t buy, and took a picture of a young cowboy. The crowds were thickening. My feet were sore, and my bra was full of beer, so we headed towards the car.
Although the temperatures of our days are still reaching upper 80’s and 90’s, the nights are cooling off. The leaves are changing color, and the school supplies are ready to be popped into the backpacks. Summer’s over and schedules begin. The start of a school year feels like my New Year because I’ve always been going to school as a student, a teacher, a mom sending the kiddos off, and also because my birthday is always the first week of school. Maybe now I can start writing my next play, blog more regularly, and have a minute to think. Maybe.
Go. Create. Inspire!
Journaling Prompt:  Do you go to the state fair, or some other type of fair or festival where you live? Have you ever had cheese curds? How did you say good-bye to summer?