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Yellowstone National Park


Sunday was Day Three of the Western Tour. We were exhausted. We had a leisurely start to the day, then rode the Geyser Basin from the South end, stopped at Old Faithful, and split the park in half from the south end. It was still a long day in the saddle.

The best thing about this day was that it was all about enjoying the ride and spending time together. We could stop if we wanted, or just ride by and enjoy the scenery. This picture tells you much about the condition of Yellowstone. Lots of dead and charred trees, and yet evidence of how nature reclaims itself and maintains its beauty.
Tons of people and many bikers were riding through the park. It was another gorgeous day, and although sore and weary by the time we parked it at 7:30, about eight hours of riding, I was grateful for the experience.
Blogging from the hotel has its disadvantages. Pictures are uploading slowly, so I’ll do follow-up photo posts when I get home. By then, the fatigue will be forgotten and all the great memories will be at my fingertips.
Be safe. Journey on, and Happy Trails!
  1. Wonderful! I’ll be looking forward to more pictures from the trail. I can’t imagine seeing it by bike like this. But would LOVE to. Thanks for posting. Peace,


  2. So happy you are safe (wink) and having fun adventuring! Thinking of you and your lovely spirit.

  3. thanks for sharing.

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