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Gearing Up

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I made a trip to Viking Land Harley Davidson store in Sauk Rapids, MN, for gear for my first big ride with the Biker Chef. I needed all the basics. My friend Patti came along to ease the pain of sticker shock, take pictures, and laugh with me.

Jess helped me with boots, chaps, and rain gear.
I already had the jacket and helmet.
Jess said, “Go ahead and jump on a bike.”
The red one matched my jacket. Plus, I love the red & white.
I’m comparing it to camping. If you have the proper gear, you’ll have a good experience. This is my first big ride. Up until now, I’ve only ridden for about five hours in one day with plenty of stops. This trip will have more elements. We plan to leave tonight with the full moon to light our path towards Fargo, ND from Brainerd, MN. It will give us a headstart on many hours in the saddle with the ultimate goal to be in Cody, WY by Saturday night. I’m planning to blog each evening, tracking our miles, hours, places of interest, and people we meet.
I’m a Babe on the Back (BOB, read that in a recent HOG issue). The Biker Chef will be the captain. I plan to relax, enjoy the scenery, hang on during the scary parts, take pictures, and trust his riding skills. The Writer needs to trust the Rider to get us there safely. The Rider needs to trust the Writer to tell the story in the best way.
Of course, I’ve told my friends and family about the trip. Everyone has an opinion. Some people are shocked that I’d jump on the bike and take a long ride like this. One person questioned my mental health. It is out of character for me to do it. I wonder if it’s the best time to do this. How will the kids be without me for a week? Should I have gone on a shorter, less strenuous trip first? But, the Biker Chef says, “If you wait for the perfect time, it will never come.” The stars seem to be aligning for this one, and you never know what tomorrow brings.
Rain or shine, Dare to jump on the bike and have an adventure.
Journey on!
  1. If nothing else, you sure look cute. Happy trails to you.

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