Quote of the Day:  The engine is the heart of an aeroplane, but the pilot is its soul. Sir Walter Raleigh

Keeping with that analogy, the right ventricle, engine, on our American Eagle Airlines flight #2344, August 1, 2012, failed. (Click on the link to read the details.) We had just taken off when we heard a loud thunk. It was right by Zach’s head (my son), so we really heard and felt it, sounded like we hit something, or it fell off or exploded. Yay, a little freaky. We had to circle back to the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) airport and wait for a substitute plane. My son, Bobby, said that the woman next to him grabbed his hand and said she didn’t like flying in the first place. She and her husband were not on the substitute plane. I also grabbed the arm of the guy, Tim, sitting next to me. Loud thunks and dead engines are not things you like to hear about while airborn. I confess, I had a few tears. Zach looked at me and said, “You get a little scared?” The boys were cool cucumbers.

I was unable to write my Insecure Writers Support Group post because of these travel delays. (Click on the badge on the sidebar for more info on the IWSG, hosted by Alex Cavanaugh.) We were two hours late at our next stop, Chicago, and assumed we missed the flight. The ticket agent gave us new passes for the 8:30 flight. Then, we saw that our original flight was delayed until 4:30, and thought, what luck, we’ll get on that one. But, they gave our seats away, and we couldn’t get them back. So, we spent another five hours at O’hare. This, after spending our original four plus two more hours at DFW. Also, there was no water in the bathrooms those last couple hours at DFW. Ya, not pretty.
So, all this is to demonstrate how hard it is to keep a writing schedule, or stick to a plan of any kind. Detours happen. I decided I needed to give myself some grace in my creative world. The real world is rather time consuming right now. Let me explain.
The reason we were in Texas in the first place was for my oldest son’s college orientation at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. He’s had delays coming and going there now, which I pointed out were there to show him how hard it will be to travel from central Minnesota to Lubbock, Texas. He was undaunted. He really wants to go there, for the big, new adventure, the quality education, the engineering program, and the milder winters. It’s a hot dessert right now, however!
The other reason for all my writing detours is a new relationship. I’m riding off to the wild west with the Biker Chef, tomorrow! I’ll be documenting that experience, and other rides, I hope, at my new blog, Ride off the Page.
So, are those good enough excuses for being tardy on my IWSG post, my lack of blogging this summer, and the non-existent play writing?
I hope you’re all having exciting adventures.
Go. Create. Inspire!
Journaling Prompt:  Have you ever had delays or issues at the airport? (ha! who hasn’t?) How’s your summer going with your creative life?