The Biker Chef invited me to join him on a day trip to Duluth, MN. It’s about two hours away from the Brainerd area, and with a few extra stops and turns, we went about 270 miles. I thought my bottom had recovered sufficiently, so I said, “Yes.” Besides, Duluth is one of my favorite cities in Minnesota. Many people think it was totally devastated by floods earlier this summer. While some parts were, and many lost their homes, the main areas, especially the parts around Canal Park were untouched and open for business.

The first stop was the Aerostich RiderWearhouse because you can never have too many accessories for yourself or your ride. The excuse for stopping by was that the Chef’s heated vest wasn’t heating, and if you want to continue to ride into the fall, and even the winter he says, you need the heat.

They’re fixing the old vest, and offered a nice discount on a new one, plus you get 10% off for coming to the wearhouse vs. ordering from the catalogue, so who can resist a few new things? I honed in on that bookshelf back there and got my first birthday present, The Devil can Ride The Word’s Best Motorcycle Writing. Since I plan to continue riding and writing, I wanted an example of what’s considered “the best,” not to immitate, but to be inspired by.

The Chef couldn’t resist picking up a Mr. Happy, and look, he already accompanied us to our favorite iconic restaurant in Duluth, Grandma’s, where you can get the best wild rice soup and onion rings ever!

He kept a cheerful outlook at a road construction delay. (I actually like these, as I have the chance to hop off the bike and get circulation back in my bum.)
One more fun stop before we returned home was the Harley-Davidson Sports Center in Duluth where I found this cute hat. It was in the bargain bin, so tried it on, and when the Chef noticed he said, “Oh, ya, that’s you.” So, what could I do but buy it?
At least it covers up the wind blow mess and snarls that have become my new ‘do. And, ya, I’m getting fully decked out. Where will this wild transformation take us next?
Be safe. Journey on, and Happy Trails!