Quote of the Day:  Perfect is a word used to describe something that doesn’t exist. I used this line for the character Lolly in my play, Coffee Shop Confessions, when she is counseling one of the other women.

Welcome to my home. Pull up a chair. I’ll pour you a cup, and we’ll have a chat.

The title for one of my next plays is Kitchen Table Confessions. First “Kitchen Table” confession. I have clutter. I don’t keep a neat and tidy house. I have boxes from our move, a few years ago, that I have never opened. Someone dropped off  SIX boxes of music two years ago that had belonged to her grandmother, now deceased, who was a piano teacher. I open them, look inside, feel overwhelmed, and shove them back in the corner behind the piano.

Why am I confessing all this?  We’re having a graduation party for my son in less than two weeks. I’m trying really hard NOT to be one of those crazy nuts women who have to repaint the whole house, redo the bathroom, and tear apart every closet. I don’t have the time nor the energy to do all that!

Yesterday, the boys and I set out to clean the garage. Okay, “Garage” confessions from the mouth of one of my babes, “Mom gets cranky when she works.” (Thanks, Charlie) We had all the stuff dragged out onto the the driveway. Then, the thunder boomed. I yelled said, “Quick! bring back in the things that we don’t want to get wet.” Got that done, and the rain stopped. So, we’re sweeping and stacking and sorting, and I look at Bobby and turn it over to him. He said, “When I clean, I usually throw stuff away.” Well, the garbage can was emptied that morning, so I said, “Good. Here you go.” A few minutes later, Bobby disappeared and a water bomb hit Charlie. I scolded suggested that they have their water fight after the work was done. After I snapped at someone for playing with the toys in the garage, I decided it was time for me to go inside and make lunch.

The boys did a fantastic job. Later, I chatted with my neighbor through the window and said, “It really is ridiculous that we drive ourselves crazy trying to make our homes perfect. It’s like we’re pretending that we don’t have clutter or that we don’t really live here.”  Everyone has stuff. We all struggle to manage it. And, really, don’t you feel most at home when you can drop in on a friend on a regular day, bits of their lives strewn about, and the coffee or tea is on? You can kick the shoes out of the doorway, push the paper piles over, and people are relaxed and resting after a full day, and you have a minute to just talk.

Stop trying so hard to pretend to be perfect. Instead, invite people into the daily, the real, the authentic you who is flawed, yet interesting.

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt:  Give me your “Kitchen Table” or “Garage” confessions.