Quote of the Day:  Where words leave off music begins. from the cover of a new journal I bought called Rhapsody. It’s a gorgeous Black Rock Journal, all black cover with silver letters and musical notations. It was screaming my name when I walked into the book store. The pages are smooth, and my pen glides across like notes in a bluesy piece when you know what it’s saying even when you can’t hear the words.

Favorite Photo Friday:

The 2012 Spring Recital.
They’re both cute and talented!
We had a lovely afternoon of music at Edgewood Vista last Sunday. I thanked the students for their hard work and bravery to get up and perform. I thanked the parents for providing them with a chance to make music.

Here is an excellent article that busts the Myths of Learning to Play the Piano. It is particularly good for any adult who has been longing to play, but has hang-ups about what it takes.

May you have many musical moments this spring!

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt:  Do you have someone to thank for giving you the gift of music, either in lessons, or sharing their song?