Quote of the Day:  Alphabalance by Shel Silverstein
Balancing my ABCs
Takes from noon to half past three.
I don’t have time to grab a T
Or even stop to take a P.


Loved it! I’ll do it again next year. My favorite part of it was taking pictures of letters. I had most of the letter pictures before the challenge. I stuck with the same Quote of the Day which helped explain my theme. I had lists of words for the day and posted a few ahead of time. Knowing that events happen throughout the month that I would want to write about, especially reviews, I didn’t work too far ahead. Overall, the writing and planning went well. Reading all those great blogs, though. Impossible. I discovered so many wonderful new blogs. I’ll be spending the next month rediscovering them as I catch up.

Thank you for reading my posts. Some people, like my sisters and a few close friends, read every day and said they liked knowing I had a new post every day. That’s what keeps the momentum alive. Thanks to new followers and all the fabulous comments. What a wild and wonderful ride I had in April. I’d like to use my A to Z photos and make a calendar from the 2012 challenge.

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt:  What could you do with an A to Z prompt, in life and in art?