The Quote of the Day that inspired my A to Z Blogging Challenge theme –
A Word for the Day that takes on many meanings.

Quote of the Day: A writer lives in awe of words for they can be cruel or kind, and they can change their meanings right in front of you. They pick up flavors and odors like butter in a refrigerator. John Steinbeck

Word of the Day: Quiet

I couldn’t write this post ahead of time. I had to experience it first. While this epic blogfest A to Z Challenge is going on, I’m doing five shows of my play Coffee Shop Confessions, reviewing plays in the cities, teaching 18 piano students, raising four boys, meeting new people, having coffee with friends, go, go, go, and today, Eric gets his braces on. I was craving a quiet day. I skipped my workout and spent some time cleaning out my inbox, read a few blogs (wish I could have gotten to more), and took it easy. It was a semi-quiet day. I also taught three piano students, and got my boys to a few places they needed to go, but by evening, I turned everything off and rested.

Quiet. Sometimes we need it and crave it. Sometimes, it’s too quiet and we feel lonely. When you have toddlers and it’s been quiet too long, you’d better go check on them! By the time you find them, the dirt is out of the planters, the toilet water is all over the bathroom, or they’ve pulled your jewelry box apart and squirted your perfume until it’s empty. (My room smelled lovely for many months after that.)

When I haven’t heard from a friend in a while, she’ll write “I’ve been quiet this week because…” and go on to let me know the latest crisis. She was quiet online, but noisy in real life.

Quiet. I prefer the kind of quiet you feel out on the lake in the still of the morning with just a bit of mist rising. The loons call. The squirrels chatter. The air is crisp, and all I have to do is breath.

Go. Create. Inspire!
Find some quiet spaces in your day.

Journaling Prompt:  How do you create a quiet, peaceful space?