The Quote of the Day that inspired my A to Z Challenge theme –

A Word for the Day that takes on many meanings.

Quote of the Day: A writer lives in awe of words for they can be cruel or kind, and they can change their meanings right in front of you. They pick up flavors and odors like butter in a refrigerator. John Steinbeck

Word of the Day: Dare! (This is also my word for the year.)

It’s the first Wednesday of the month when Alex J. Cavanaugh hosts the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. I am an insecure writer. I’m insecure in so many ways, but I have surrounded myself with people who give me light, and I am healing from all the negativity that blocked me. I have learned that the negative voices that throw punches at my self-confidence come from people who have even lower self-esteem. I have had to learn when to tell them to be quiet and walk away. I’ve ended relationships that were hurting me. I stopped going to places where the negativity sucked the energy out of me.

The whole time I was writing Coffee Shop Confessions, I heard negative voices. I needed a support staff to quiet them. Even as I started calling on talented friends to help me bring this script to life, I thought they’d hang up on me. They didn’t. After a successful opening to a packed house (coffee shop), I drove to our rehearsal after a three week break and worried that no one would show up. But, they came, and they enjoyed each other’s stories, and I laughed until I cried, and went home feeling grateful.

The word Dare can sound intimidating. It can force you to step out of your comfort zone. It can be said by mean and taunting voices, or loving and encouraging ones. Listen to the encouragers. They want you to succeed.

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt:  Make a list of all the people who encourage you. Call on them whenever the negative voices zap you of your energy. You were born to be bold.