Quote of the Day:  Opening night is the night before the play is ready to open. – George Jean Nathan

Laughed out loud when I read that one. Don’t all casts and crew feel that way? “We’re still tweaking it,” we cry. “I don’t have all my lines down,” we moan. “I think I could fix this word or phrase, just let me rewrite that part,” says the angst-filled playwright.

But, the date is set. The tickets are sold OUT! Ready or not, they’re coming to the Coco Moon tonight. I believe that no matter what, we’ll be entertaining. Not perfect. I never intended perfection. This is a play about real people in real time. It’s always changing. Even last night, our dress rehearsal, had moments of ad lib, commentary, and spontaneous laughter, and real tears. 

Here’s a teaser: a popcorn stained bra, a bottle of pills, a cellphone to use and abuse, and a group of actors/singers meeting to rehearse at a coffee shop. Drinks laced with laughter, tears, real-life stories, love, and joy.

Go. Create. Inspire!
Journaling Prompt:  What degree of artist angst do you have today? Mine’s off the charts. Cheers!