Quote of the Day: 

Start with your own money and value your intuition. It’s all about endurance in the beginning. Your dream and passion to succeed must be stronger than your fear of failure.
~Terri Bowersock

It’s really happening. I had a dream to write a play in a coffee shop, set in a coffee shop, to be performed in a coffee shop. I heard the characters’ voices talking in my head. I saw visions of them interacting and having complex lives and stories. I knew their relationships. I had to let them out, or they’d devour me. Now, I’ve released them to the actors. They’re becoming even more amazing and interesting than I’d imagined. And, as the momentum grows, more people get involved. It’s like they all want to hop on board this creative train. Whoo Whoo, hear we go! There’s no turning back. You can’t stop a train.
But, I might be just a weensy bit nervous. Who am I to ask all these people to take time from their busy lives to ride my train? Maybe, just maybe, it’s just the ride the’ve been waiting for.
Go. Create. Inspire!
Journaling Prompt:  Have you ever started a project that seemed to gain momentum until it grew to something even bigger than you imagined?