Quote of the Day:  You’re building community. words from friends as they offer support and encouragement for my play

Rehearsing a moment with Roxy and the Moxie Mamas
Remember how that Self-doubt Committee had planned a meeting in my head? Then, I told them to meet some other place. I needed a little help from my friends to make them shut up, and here they are rehearsing my play right there at the Coco Moon just as I’d imagined it would be, and so much more.
Laura describing a kiss.
Some of our scenes are funny. Others are tender, and still more bring out fear and anger. This is a phenomenal cast. They have been enjoying the script through every rehearsal and care about how it’s presented. We’ve been rehearsing at the Senior Center, because it’s free, and we will pay them back by performing for their dinner on April 9, a Monday, open to the public.  It’s another opportunity to see the play as all the tickets are sold out for the two shows we’re doing next week at the Coco Moon.
Subtle eavesdropping on Jewell’s conversation
“Mary” getting a call from home
Lolly & Sam giving Micki encouragement
Laura telling Jewell to sing the lead
Nick making a connection with the Moxie Mamas
I’ve been dreaming about being on a creative team. While I was writing this play, I sat in this coffee shop, surrounded by creative spirit. Then, I invited in the actors and the support people. The energy grew, and now, look at us. We’re providing a unique experience for the folks in the Brainerd area, and I am so grateful for the people who joined this team, and the ones who are willing to take a risk on something new.
Go. Create. Inspire!
Journaling Prompt:  Look around you. What is one new thing you could do in your community to draw people in and inspire them?