I discovered a couple of lovely young ladies at the Coco Moon, the coffee shop where I write and where my play will be first performed. Life is percolating at a coffee shop!

Photo by Katie Maine

Quote of the Day:  You’re one of us. Katie Maine, when we first met.

I met Katie Maine and Abbey Olmsted on the same day. Yep, at the Coco Moon. Here’s the connection. Remember Joey Halvorson from the previous post? She was having coffee with Beth, another writer in town. She introduced us. We connected, naturally, and I ended up sending my script to her. She read it, made terrific comments, and I asked if she’d ever be interested in acting in my play. She said the timing wasn’t right for her, but she had a friend…

Enter, Katie Maine. She read the script and wanted to meet me. In the meantime, she invited her friend Abbey Olmsted to join us and to read the play. And, voila! I have my Jewell and Roxy. When I met the two of them, they sat across the table from Beth and me, and played off each other in regular conversation. I leaned over and said to Beth, “I feel like I’m watching a show right now.” Katie asked if I wanted them to audition. I said, “You just did. You’re in.”

They were both active in the community college theatre program. Abbey was in Nunsense with Laura a few years ago. They claim to hang out at Coco Moon even more than I do. And, they have moxie – snazz & pizza. They’re so fun to watch, and they’ve already embodied the characters of Jewell and Roxy. I nearly cry every night at the gift of their amazing talents and love for my play.

Thank you, dear friends, for bringing such spark to our performance!

Katie Maine & Abbey Olmsted

Go. Create. Inspire!

Journaling Prompt:  Do you have a close friend with whom you’d love to do a creative project?