Quote of the Day:  Writing is an escape from a world that crowds me.  I like being alone in a room. It’s almost always a form of meditation – an investigation of my own life. Neil Simon

I write to bring back what is gone, to relive what is lost, to make a mosaic of fragments. – Minfong Ho

Journal where you are.
Make your mark.
Archive your life.
Live, Record, Remember
Do you journal with paper and pen or pencil? Do you type your journals and keep a file on your computer? Is your blog your personal archive? Do you, like me, have scraps and bits of paper scattered throughout the house, car, and your purse, full of notes and ideas?  Where is the most unique place that you’ve written something down? I once used a church bulletin (yes, during the sermon). My Uncle David appears to be journaling on the inside of his walls. I love it. I journeyed far and wide to see his home. It’s a process for me to get there, and with my family, it is an idea that keeps building.
It all started with my sister Nancy saying that she had Friday off of work so she thought she’d bring Mom up North to visit her brother.  (He lives about seven miles from the Canadian border in North Dakota. I’m in central Minnesota.) Mom said, “I don’t suppose Mary can get away.” (It wasn’t easy, but I did. I was glad to be invited along and I hadn’t visited my uncle’s home before.) By Thursday, Nancy called to say that our oldest brother Nathan wanted to go, too. By the time we met up at 2nd brother Phil’s house, Mom and Dad got into the van. Nathan drives a modified van because he’s in a wheelchair, with a lift where the middle seats are. We were quite cozy in the back seat.
The process was worth it. It was a cool and sunny November day. Dry roads, good company, a thermos of coffee, donut holes, homemade granola (by me), and great family stories. Not to mention my Aunt Sharon’s delicious food and creative connection with church music.
If I hadn’t gone, I wouldn’t have known about the journaling on the walls, or seen my uncle’s great craftsmanship at the place, nor experienced the sun setting over the Pembina Gorge with a cool November sky.
And, the full moon kept me company all the way back.
Journaling Prompt:  Where do you leave your mark on the world? What kind of journaling do you do?