Quote of the Day: 

The Dragons are Singing Tonight.

by Jack Prelutsky

Tonight is the night all the dragons
Awake in their lairs underground,

To sing in cacophonous chorus

And fill the whole world with their sound.

They sing of the days of their glory,

They sing of their exploits of old,

Of maidens and Knights, and of fiery fights,

And guarding vast caches gold.

Some of their voices are treble,

And some of their voices are deep,

But all of their voices are thunderous,

And no one can get any sleep.

I lie in my bed and I listen,

Enchanted and filled with delight,

To songs I can hear only one night a year–

The dragons are singing tonight.
That Jack Prelutsky poem is my favorite to read on Halloween. I used it last year on my blog, too. Now, it’s tradition. Last week, I picked up my kids and a piano student from school. He had his lesson and needed to hang out with us a little while until he got picked up by his dad, so I seized the opportunity and called my kids up to carve pumpkins.
Come for piano lessons, stay for the pumpkin carving!
Charlie made one for Leo, the wonder cat.
I thought he was clever (or cleaver) using paper clips.
The next day, a couple more students had their own festive moment!
A few more highlights
The best disguise costume from my ghoulish night at The Turn.
We weren’t sure if this was a man dressed as a woman,
or a woman dressed as a man, dressed as an old woman
My neighbor’s creative re-use of milk cartons
Sunday evening, I was sitting at my kitchen table, my cat Leo was on the rug.
The doorway darkened. I looked up and saw a huge wingspan and thought it was a hawk.
I got up for a closer look and grabbed my camera.
He looks, to me, like a Northern Hawk Owl. They hunt more in the daylight and like lightly wooded areas. I live on the edge of town, lots of woods. He’s a little south for this time of year, but maybe food is scarce up north, or the fires near the Boundary Waters sent him this way. Or, I could be wrong about the variety.
Either way, it was cool to see an owl on the eve of All Hallow’s Eve. Although, I kept Leo in. That owl had his eye on a delicious dinner, I think.
My favorite treat from the day came after my noon workout at the Y.  A friend had been serving a lunch for the Silver Sneakers – those folks really know how to exercise and eat – and she had a few pumpkin bars left in her pan. She offered, and I accepted. It’s the only polite thing to do. Plus, I was wearing my festive orange and black socks.
Go. Create. Inspire!
And, don’t eat all your kids’ candy.
Journaling Prompt:  What are your favorite Halloween treats, sightings, or fall festivities?