Quote of the Day:  Walking Together…So no one walks alone. Mary Aalgard, from my article in Her Voice on our local Buddy Walk and the families who are involved.  They honored me by using my words on their t-shirts this year.

The weather was gorgeous in the Brainerd lakes area on Sunday, Oct. 9, 2011, for the fourth annual Buddy Walk and Roll. This year, they held it at the Confidence Learning Center.
They renamed it the Buddy Walk and Roll to include people with Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities.  This camp was started as a place to service the needs of people and families with these conditions.  Read their mission statement here
Dave and Becky Meyer were key organizers this year. Their sons Luke and Noah lead the walk.
Luke and Noah are twins. Noah has Down syndrome.  Their older brother Caleb was on a church trip and missed the walk.
This was the first group to use the new trail.
It started with a Ribbon “Cutting” ceremony.
I was so glad to see that not all the leaves blew off the trees from our recent wind storm. The road was paved and smooth. The scenery a feast for the eyes, and the mood of the day was joy and celebration.
This is the other Meyer family that I featured in the Her Voice article. I also interviewed Beth. I walked part of the path with her and her little daughter, Lauren, ran most of the way. I think she just turned four. I smiled at her, and she held my hand for a short bit. That made me smile even more!
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Journaling Prompt:  What have you recently celebrated? What did you do? Who has reached out to hold your hand?