Quote of the Day:  Meeting someone for the first time is like going on a treasure hunt  What wonderful worlds we can find in others! – Edward E. Ford

As I entered the Kiwanis Park for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s on Saturday morning, I was struck immediately by the mix of generations that gathered.  From newborn babies to great-grandparents, we all came together.  This disease affects all generations.  We had various mobility aids from strollers to walkers to wheelchairs to helping hands. 

Photo by Joey Halvorson
Some people might have been meeting for the first time. While others have known each other for years.  You never know when a new friend might be waiting on the other side of a “Hello.”
As we journey through life, we might be side by side, in tandem, or walking parallel paths that maybe someday will cross.  At some point, we’ll need a little push.  At another, we’ll be the one who lends a hand.
May the hills and valleys of life lead you to new adventures, deeper relationships, and inspirational moments.
Journaling Prompt:  Describe how you met one of your best friends.