Quote of the Day:  Though I have seen the oceans and mountains, though I have read great books and seen great works of art…there is nothing greater or more beautiful than those people I love. – Christopher De Vinck

Our Second First Day of School
Bobby, the senior, stayed home on the official first day of school (district policy).
Our last First Day of School with Bobby, the senior.
Sigh, you can’t stop the river of life from flowing.
The Fall of the year is my New Year. It is the start of a new school year. I have a senior, an 8th grader, and two 6th graders. Marking the growth of children is an excellent way to prove that nothing stays the same. I don’t want them to grow up and leave me, and yet, I can’t help but celebrate with them as they reach new heights, learn and grow, and seek their own adventures.
The Fall of the year is also my birthday, Sept. 6, this year, the first day of school. What a celebration it is! I started celebrating last Thurs. by going to the movies with a friend and watching The Help. It’s an excellent movie. It translates well from book to silver screen, and so well cast, acted, and filmed.
Over the weekend, I saw family. My mom baked my favorite birthday cake, German chocolate with the coconut/nutty frosting, and I stayed overnight at my sister’s house. Monday, I had lunch with my best writer-mama-pal, Roxane, in Fargo. Tuesday, I sent the younger boys off to school then joined many mothers and others at the coffee shop.
Erika, Mary, Lisa, JeMA
I had lunch with my big boy, the senior.  The food was delicious, and the company was delightful. My big boy wants to be some kind of engineer. He’s a techie, creative, and kind. We had a great conversation. He even asked me what I thought I might do once all the kids graduate. (I don’t even like thinking about it, but I know I have lots of options.)
The boys had a great first day of school. We went out for supper (no kitchen duties for this birthday girl), and hit sack early.
Today, my group power class will enjoy my “Birthday Track” and later in the week, one more birthday lunch with a friend. I think everyone needs a week-long birthday celebration, don’t you?
Go. Create. Inspire! And, fill your days with those people you love.
Journaling Prompt:  If you were free from social and family obligations, where would you go? What would you do?