Friday Favorite Photo

Quote of the Day: Our summer made her light escape, into the beautiful.  – final line from Emily Dickenson’s poem, As Imperceptibly as Grief

I pass this gorgeous Red Maple on my way to the YMCA where I work out.  It’s extra motivation to go to Group Power while this tree is in full color.  We had gale-force winds in the Brainerd lakes area today, so I made a special trip over to this side of town to capture the colorful leaves before they all fall away.
Close-up of another tree where I parked my van.
Love that shade of red!
I’m looking forward to my drive west and north this weekend for the children’s writers conference in Grand Forks, ND. It’s always inspirational, and the colors will be like watching a rainbow of trees slide by on the highway.
Journaling Prompt:  Where do you go to enjoy the change of seasons?