Quote of the Day:  I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.~ Jimmy Dean

This is a famous quote that you’ve probably heard before.  It speaks to what we can control in our lives and what we can’t. For the most part, we control nothing but our own reaction to the situation or person or outcome. We can keep adjusting our “sails” by thinking of new ways to do something to feel successful.

I was trying to take a picture of Eric and our cat Leo.  You can pick Leo up, but you can’t make him look in the right direction.

Switch directions
Okay, that didn’t work either.
Moved in closer, tried to snap faster (quick, he’s looking my way!), and got a fur face.
Finally, Eric set Leo on the ground where he calmly laid down.
Eric adjusted his “sails” to fit Leo’s comfort.
I adjusted my “sails” of what would make a great picture,
and viola!
Here’s the thing. In our lives, especially in our creative endeavors, we can’t control who will show up or how they will respond to what we’ve created. All we can do is create what is in us and wants to come out. We’ll build up our inventory, polish our skills, and eventually we’ll shine.  More than one of us has walked away from an event that felt less than successful. But, is that all perspective? So, only a few people were there, not much money was earned, but what did you gain from the experience.  I think of writers who sit at book signings all afternoon and sell only a copy or two.  Was it a waste of time?  I don’t know. Maybe the joy was in sitting in a bookstore for an afternoon chatting with the workers, browsing the shelves, drinking coffee, connecting with that one buyer who really wanted to read your book.
Or, maybe that feeling of “this just isn’t working” is your call to try a new perspective. What preconceived notion do you need to let go in order to find just the right fit?
Go. Create. Inspire! and look for success in new ways.
Journaling Prompt:  When have you felt blue about your art?  How did you adjust your sails?